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June 15th 2011


Blogger I Love – Bronson Twine


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Sept 19th 2010


Hair Fair

Some of my favorites from that I was able to pick up on my first visit to Hair Fair.

a. [SC] —- Del Mar

b. Clawtooth —- French Connection

c. Dernier Cri —- (Taylor)

d. [ATOMIC] —- The Affair

a. !lamb —- Glass Candy

b. Raspberry Aristocrat —- My Darla

c. —- Sasha

d. (fd) —- Lopsided Lily

a. !lamb —- Lovelier Girl

b. MADesigns —- Eve

c. Clawtooth —- My Shilova

d. (Dernier Cri) —- Aya

May 29th 2010

Jacket: [ATOMIC] —- Everyday Hoodie Gray

Shirt: This is a Fawn —- Deep V-Neck Teal

Swimsuit: Doppelganger Inc. —- Zuma Bikini Coral

Necklace: !BF! —- Vintage Beach Necklace

Glasses: (VW) —- Retro Shades

Shorts: Doppelganger Inc. —- Surfrider Shorts Cream

Shoes: [SC] —- Freedom Flops Dark Brown

Hair: !lamb —- Found Kit Kat

Skin: Tres Blah —- Gidget

Dog: Vooner —- French Bulldog old CSR gift

Poses: Glitterati (beach ball included), Ks2Cool