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Nov 19th 2009

Dress: !O —- Emma’s Ruffles

Pants: -SG- —– Classic Pants Herring Light

Necklace: (fd) —– Unhappy Flower Necklace

Shoes: Barcode —– Bow Flat

Hair: [ATOMIC] —– Creepy Josie II


October 12/13th 2009

Sweater: Barcode —– Mom Sweater

Skirt: Sh*t Happens —– Kellie Navy Wavey Cotton Skirt

Glasses: /artilleri/ —– Gabriella Glasses

Socks: Doppelganger Inc. —– Button Me Up Wetland Socks

Shoes: MIEL —– Flor Jane

Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. —– I Hate Camera

Skin: LAQ —– Imani

Pumpkins: ~Francinati0n~ —– Pumpkin Pose

Background/Set: ~La Petite Morte~ —– SE Halloween Photo Set

Costume: Reek —– Rumpus Romper

Pumpkin: Loco Pocos Trick or Treat Pumpkin

Hair: >TRUTH< —– Rebecca

Skin: LAQ —– Emma

Sept 21st/22nd 2009

Shirt: Paper Couture —– Pony

Pants: fri. —– Iunno Jeans

Skin: (vive9) —– Po

Shoes: -TESLA- —– Angelina

Hair: ((JUNWAVE)) —– Komachi

Shirt: Aitui —– Virgin

Undershirt: Barcode —– Zombieee

Pants: [-B-] —– Everyday Jeans

Belt: Reek —– I Heart Colors Belt

Glasses: (W) —– Ray-band Glasses

Skin: (vive9) —– Po

Shoes: UBU —– PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops

Hair: ((JUNWAVE)) —– Punk Girl

Sept 13/14th 2009

Sweater: !Ohmai —– Basics Pocket Cardigan

Shirt: Barcode —– Anchor

Jeans: fri. —– Iunno Jeans

Shoes: Periquita —– Funny Girl Flats

Hair: >TRUTH< —– Elle

Dress: Modd.G —– Jacqueline Waisted Dress

Leggings: !Nayar —– Star Fishnets

Necklace: +plus —– Amy Necklace

Shoes: Maitreya —– ChiChi Pumps

Hair:  [Buried]*alive —– Aiden

Sept 6th 2009

Jacket: Young Urban —– Dark Blue Beau Hoodie

Shirt: Barcode —– Capt. Planet

Shorts: Doppelganger Inc. —– Madras Girl Shorts

Shoes: [SC] —– Freedom Flops

Hair: [LK] —– Petal

August 30th 2009


Shirt: Barcode —– Seagreen Plaid

Pants: [HD] —– Sway Jeans

Necklace: P.C. —– Deer Flower Pendant

Flower: *FUEL* —– Flowery Peacock

Shoes: (Cherry) —– The Alice Cullen Ballet Flats

Hair: —– Cassie


Shirt: Barcode —– Rose Plaid

Pants: *UnTone Quilt* —– Overalls

Headband: =FT —– Large Flower Headband

Shoes: [SC] —– Freedom Flops

Hair: —– Quinn

August 29th 2009

Trev and I got to talking about TrueBlood the other night and how much we both loved watching it.  Then came the idea to do a joint post featuring Merlotte’s shirts we each made.  :] Check out Trevor’s store here and blog here


Shirt: Young Urban —– Merlotte’s Uniform Green

Pants: Valiant —– Crossstich Black Belted

Shoes: ROT — Test Boots

Hair: SHAG —– Suck My Kiss

Skin: PXL —– Jude Autumn Face 01


Shirt: Barcode —– Merlotte’s Tee  made by me

Shorts: Canimal —– Street Mini

Apron: [SC] —– part of Diner Top

Shoes: SOREAL —– Superstars

Hair: —– Cassie