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May 15th 2011



Feb 3rd 2011


Jan 11th 2011


Pose Fair II

1st look


Sock: NoaR —- RHCP Sock

Glasses: Gritty Kitty —- Prehistoric Glasses

Tattoo: Aitui—- Dire

Hair: [-B-] —- Aiden

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: —- MaCe


Shirt: Armidi —- Classic Loose Tank

Undies: =Hoot= —- Cutie Pea Panties

Hair: >TRUTH< —- Fearne

Skin: LAQ —- Imani

2nd look

Shirt: Action —- Women’s Peace Vintage Tee

Skirt: oyakin* —- Longskirt

Shoes: Sasmai —- Moccasins

Hair: :::{{trico}}::: — Carla

Skin: :GP: —- Cupid Teddybear

3rd look

Shirt: Aitui —- Virgin Tee

Pants: [SC] —- Belmar Skinny Jeans

Shoes: amaama —- Boots Black

Hair: [ EGO ] —- Yok

Feb 27th 2010

Jacket: Emery —- Sheena County

Shirt: – Nemesis – —- Voodoo Tank

Pants: [CALYPSO GIANO] —- Stonewash Jeans

Tattoo: AITUI —- Mrs. Midnight

Glasses: (VW) (now Epoque) —- Retro Shades

Belt: /rockerwear/ —- Checkerboard Belt

Necklace: +plus —- The Vintage Black Pearl Necklace

Shoes: PRO_SPEC —- 2Real

Hair: W&Y —- Model 05

Guitar and Amp —- Punk Lives

Coat: AOHARU —- DuffelCoat Red

Shirt: Doppelganger Inc. —- Faded Tunic Grey

Overalls: *UnTone Quilt* —- Overall

Scarf: >TRUTH< —- Lygon Scarf

Flower: =FT —- Large Flower Headband

Shoes: TOSL —- Sweater Wellies

Hair: (Posh) —- Oh Darling

Dress: ~~Ivalde~~ —- Kassandra Red Dress

Glasses: /artilleri/ —- Gladys Glasses

Necklace: (Yummy) —- Portrait Necklace

Cigarette: Primitive Design

Shoes: Nardcotix —- Kurvy Pump White

Hair: CBC —- Let’s Get Married

Vacuum —- RC Cluster

Feb 10th 2010

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Diesel Works “Don’t Forget Your Valentine” bike coming out tomorrow. *squees*

It comes with 5 adorable poses and is so perfectly cute.

On Kenzie:

Jacket: AOHARU —- Short Jean Jacket

Dress: PARALLEL LOVE —- Camisole Dress ::Dot::

Legging: DUBOO* —- Holic

Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] —- Cowgirl Boots

Hair: W&Y —- New 92

Skin: :GP: —- Petal Cupid Pure3

On Till:

Shirt: Emery —- Checked Men Red

Jeans: Aitui —- Repose Jeans Black

Tattoo: The Habitat —- Ponyboy

Ears: Aitui —- Stretch Ears Human 1″

Shoes: *ordinary* —- Catarrhini

Hair: Epoque —- Killer

Skin: Aitui —- Conjurer Tone3 FH1

Dec 22nd 2009

Sweater: [ATOMIC] —- Everyday Hoodie

Shirt: *K&CO* —- Baseball V-Neck

Jeans: fri. —- Iunno Jeans

Bag: [ATOMIC] —- Canvas Art Tote

Hair: !!WILD O —- Comori

Shoes: null —- Mules

Skin: <TheAbysss> —- Kass Calypto

Coat: BP* —- Duffle Coat

Pants: MIEL —- Mo Pocket Pants

Socks: Pig —- Socks Mit Suspenders

Hair: ::69:: —- MOG

Skates: BAX —- Ice Skates

Vest: :SEY —- K.D.Vest

Sweater: Aitui —- Fitted Plain Hoodie

Pants: Primitive Design —- Payton Pants

Cig: Primitive Design

Hair: Gritty Kitty —- Troika

Shoes: UBU —- Pornstar Xtra Hi-Tops

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: —- Mace

October 1st 2009

Shirt: 4Arsenic —– BaseBall Black

Dress: *Linc* —– Naught Dress Starz

Pants: Emery —– Denim Zoe

Gloves: Emery —– Leather Gloves

Belt: fri. —– Wide Waist Belt Fruit Punch

Bag: cheerno —– (unsure of the name, I’ll add it later :] )

Tattoo: Aitui —– Dire

Shoes: HOC —– Sneaker Wedges

Skin: -Belleza- —– Jesse

Hair: >TRUTH< —– Samantha

Sept 27th 2009

Coat: *Muism* —– [The Chic Coat]_Houndstooth

Shirt: fri. —– Ruched Button.Down

Scarf: [Plastik] —– Big Ridiculous Scarf

Gloves: [ akami ] —– Low White Gloves Don’t buy Aldero’s stuff, he is an ebil ebil trickster. :p just kidding ❤ Aldero

Tattoo: Aitui —– Dire

Skin: LAQ —– Emma

Shoes: *KUROTSUBAKI* —– Leather Shoes

Hair: fri. —– Rashelle

Sept 24th 2009

Shirt: (NS) —– Fuel For Life

Pants: *Fishy Strawberry* —– Equinox Jeans

Tattoo: Aitui —– Dire

Cigarette: Primitive Design

Shoes: ROT —– Test Boot

Hair: fri. —– Neva