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SLuicide Girls

Photography – KMADD Studios


MODELLING PORTFOLIO —————————————————-L$4500

Includes: 6 photos ~ 3 full body + 2 portraits + profile

PORTRAIT DELUXE ———————————————————–L$3000

Includes: 3 portrait photos + 3 changes with custom set

PORTRAIT STANDARD ——————————————————- L$2250

Includes: 3 portrait photos + 2 changes on  plain background

COMPETITIVE EDGE ———————————————————- L$2250

Includes: 1 face shot + 1 full body

PROFILE PHOTO ————————————————————– L$750

Includes: 1 photo ~ available in card and profile format

COUPLES ——————————————————————- L$3000

Includes: 5 photos + 3 changes + in any desired format

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY ——————————————————-POA

Includes: custom set + high resolution photography suitable for print

ADDITIONAL SHOTS with packages —————————————-L$600


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