July 11/12th 2009

Dress and hat: *JetDoll* —– Cracker Jacks

Shoes: Maitreya —– Slinky Stilettos

Hair: ETD —– Juliana

Swimsuit: Doppelganger Inc. —– Boardwalk Bikini   I instantly fell in love with these when I saw the  ruffles, they’re so cute ❤ butt ruffles (thus the butt picture lol)

Glasses: /artilleri/ —– Gabriella Glasses

Shoes: AOHARU —– Ethnic Bijou Sandals

Hair: Cake —– Europa


2 responses

  1. /me pinches yer butt.

    Cute post, I love your blog! And yes I will be stealing those sandals.

    July 12, 2009 at 2:44 pm

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