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May 3rd 2011


Blogger I Love – Bronson Twine


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Nov 22nd 2010


Nov 2nd 2010


Hair Fair

Some of my favorites from that I was able to pick up on my first visit to Hair Fair.

a. [SC] —- Del Mar

b. Clawtooth —- French Connection

c. Dernier Cri —- (Taylor)

d. [ATOMIC] —- The Affair

a. !lamb —- Glass Candy

b. Raspberry Aristocrat —- My Darla

c. —- Sasha

d. (fd) —- Lopsided Lily

a. !lamb —- Lovelier Girl

b. MADesigns —- Eve

c. Clawtooth —- My Shilova

d. (Dernier Cri) —- Aya

July 3rd 2010

Dress: {Gisaci} —- French Cut Bodi Dress

Jeans: oyakin —- Jeans Rollup

Necklace: (fd) —- Unhappy Flower Necklace

Hat: RachelBReaker —- Big Flip Floppy Garadenin Hat

Basket: d-lab —- Shopping Basket

Sandals: [SC] —- Desert Sandals

Hair: Clawtooth —- The Morning After

Poses: Glitterati (don’t forget to stop by the storewide sale!)

May 9th 2010

Shirt and Vest: *League* —- Teacher’s Pet

Pants: Action —- Unisex Denim Jeans

Backpack: =IZUMIYA= —- Casual Ruck Star

Lunchbag: Miau Haus —- My Lunch Happy Day

Glasses: /artilleri/ —- Gabriella Glasses

Shoes: fri. —- Dream Booties

Hair: [ 69 ] —- Moa 02

Skin: (fd) —- Bird Skin Slasher 3

Pose: Glitterati

Feb 16th 2010

Dress: {SMS} —- Pocket Dress

Shirt: Twosome —- A Lady’s Blouse

Pants: [SC] —- Belmar Skinny Jeans

Bag: Lark —- Leather & Cord Bag

Feathers: (fd) —- Kill The White Swan

Shoes: AKEYO —- KnittBoots

Hair: [Detour] —- Johanna

Skin: GP —- Cupid Pure 3

Shirt: <YU> —- Cheese Shop Sweater Vest

Tank: Emery —- White Tank

Vest: :SEY —- K.D.Vest

Pants: *Fishy Strawberry* —- Equinox Jean

Shoes: [SC] —- Boardwalkers

Hair: << Discord >> —- Tenrou

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: —- MaCe

Nov 19th 2009

Dress: !O —- Emma’s Ruffles

Pants: -SG- —– Classic Pants Herring Light

Necklace: (fd) —– Unhappy Flower Necklace

Shoes: Barcode —– Bow Flat

Hair: [ATOMIC] —– Creepy Josie II


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