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June 15th 2011


April 15th 2011


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Feb 7th 2011


Nov 1st 2010



July 22nd 2010

Vest: Fume’ —- Red Embroidery Vest pookie flea market, opening the 23rd!

Tank: *GC* —- White Tank

Jeans: Armidi —- Grace Jeans Faded Chic

Necklace: *BOOM* —- Lilly Beads Black pookie flea market, opening the 23rd!

Shoes: *Kookie* —- Powder Puff Cloud

Hair: (Dernier Cri) —- Holly Brown

Skin: [PF] —- Ember Gyaru Nudey

Poses: unknown, Nestle My Bosom

July 4th 2010 w/Suti Capalini

On Suti:

Shirt: {MV} —- Shear Slinky Tank Striped

Shorts: Doppelganger Inc. —- Board Shorts Sandy Coconut

Tattoo: made by Suti

Bag: *VOONER* —- Marti Bag

Feet: SLink —- Jolie Pied Men

Hair: [Uw.73] —- Nick Meteoric

Skin:  .:Hermony:. —- Kriz ST1 – Goatee

On Kenzie:

Shirt: *BOOM* —- Bodacious Tank Mute

Swimsuit: K&CO —- Striped Province Bikini

Shorts: Reek —- Sovay Boardshorts

Glasses: [ glow ] —- Beachwood Glasses TDR

Necklace: This is a Fawn —- Hatchet Necklace

Tongue: -RC- —- La Lengua

Ice Cream: Drowsy —- Special Ice Cream Mix

Sandals: [SC] —- Freedom Flops Grey

Hair: [AMG BOUDOIR] —- Holly Walnut 02

Skin: -tb- —- Gidget Skin

Poses: Glitterati (including beach ball)

June 26th 2010

Tank: [SC] —- Driftwood Tank Teal

Tshirt: !Ohmai —- Basic Puffs Blouse part of

Shorts: *BOOM* —- Pow Shorts

Leggings: M * A * ii * K * I —- Long Leggings Orange

Whistle: xstreet

Skates: [Pixel Mode] —- Roxy Roller

Hair: >TRUTH< —- Sydney Auburn

Jacket: AOHARU —- BT Short Jean Jacket

Dress: Baiastice —- Sweet Alba Olive

Leggings: This is a Fawn —- Lace Leggings Aubergine

Necklace: (yummy) —- Feather Necklace

Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] —- Cowgirl Boots Used Brown

Hair: Reek —- Topeka 1 Brown

Skin: My Uglydorothy —- Margaret 10

May 23rd 2010

Shirt: Berries Inc. —- Mel Shirt

Bra: [W&B] —- Frilly Little Set Unhappy

Jeans: *BOOM* —- Gettin’ Low

Bag: CHABINNS —- Vintage Bag

Glasses: .:*December*:. —- Glasses No. 32

Necklace: (Yummy) —- Found Charms Necklace

Headphones: *Autumn Elements* —- AE-700 Headphones

Shoes: *ordinary* —- Lemuridae

Hair: [ 69 ] —- Moa 02

Skin: &Bean —- Hounds of Love Koltrast

Poses: Luth, DoReMi

May 22nd 2010

Jacket: [PO] —- Sera Military Jacket

Shirt: Armidi —- Keiko Tunic Dress

Jeans: [PO] —- Moderna Low Rise Denima

Bag: *BOOM* —- Take it Easy Tote

Shoes: ::Kookie:: —- Nude Wedges

Hair: >TRUTH< —- Sylvia

Skin: &Bean —- Hounds of Love Koltrast

Poses: ~N~, [doll.]

April 14th 2010 II

Bikini: !Nayar —- Katey-Kini

Tattoo: [TH] —- Swallows

Glasses: [SC] —- My VW Thing

Flower: =FT —- Large Flower Headband

Bag: magi take —- Tote Bag

Skin: *DEN-DOU —- Eiko Rich /02 Freckles

Shoes: *Kookie* —- Sand Sandals

Hair: >TRUTH< —- Charlie

Shirt: *ARAI* —- Nit Gray

Shorts: *BOOM* —- Gettin’ Low Shorts

Socks: :sey —- 3Line3Set

Glasses: HOC —- Aviator Style Glasses

Bag: :sey —- Drummer’s Trunkcase

Shoes: [SC] —- Boardwalkers

Hair: [ EGO ] —- Yok

Shirt: [ATOMIC] —- Frilled

Skirt: (5th & Oxford) —- Jori Skirt

Tattoo: [TH] —- Swallows

Necklace: Swallowtail —- Naturalist Necklace

Socks: Pig —- Knee Sock Mit Suspenders

Shoes: Tee*fy —- Circus Circles Flats

Hair: W&Y —- New132

Sept 11th 2009

Shirt: *Curiosity* —– Striped Tee + Vest

Jeans: *BOOM* —– Seaman Pants

Scarf: Maitreya —— Long Scarf Brown

Hair: *ARGRACE* —– Knit Beret

Pose Set: Diesel Works —– Polywall

July 27th 2009

I was able to squeeze a quick few pictures out while getting stuff off my drive the other night. Didn’t really have a chance to check my graphics settings so…I’m thinking they were on low, oh well :/ I should have a new hard drive by the middle of the week, I can’t wait.

Shirt: This is a Fawn —– Scoop Back Tank

Shorts: *BOOM* —– Gettin’ Low

Belt: ::MECHANISM:: —– Double Spiked Belt

Glasses: (VW) (now Epoque) —– Retro Shades

Stuffed Animal: Reek —– Huggable & Hanging Hobbes

Tattoo: Tiki Tattoo —– Tikenau

Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] —– Nylon Trainer

Hair: >TRUTH< —– Giselle

May 3rd/4th 2009

Shirt: BALACLAVA! —–THE Jewnas Brothers T  group gift

Skirt: *BOOM* —–Denim Lowrise Short/Skirt

Belt: Reek —–I Heart Themes Belt

Socks: Sh*t Happens —–Tube Socks

Glasses: OJ —–Nerdy Glasses

Shoes: UBU —–PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops

Hair: ::69:: —–AMK2

Shirt: Pig —–Cozy Chenille Sweater

Skirt: Uncle Wiggily —–Easy Patchwork Skirt

Necklace: GBL —–Socialite

Shoes: 50 Flats —–Snake Skin

Hair: Uw.St —–Kotone (felt like trying something drastic today and going blonde….I still don’t think it’s “me”)

April 24th 2009

Shirt: Reek —–Cupcake Graveyard

Shorts: *BOOM* —–Gettin’ Low

Necklace: Magika —–Junk Necklace

Shoes: >TRUTH< —–Mina Flats

Hair: (JUNWAVE) —–Rock Arrange

April 9th 2009

Swimsuit: Twosome —–Ready For Summer Bikini

Overlay: *BOOM* —–part of Tahiti Sweety

Necklace: !BF! —–Promo Vintage Beach Necklace

Feet: SLink —–Barefoot Beady Style

Tattoo: Garden of Ku —–Night Kandahar 2.0

Hair: *SHOP SEU* —–Kurukuru


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