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March 21st 2012


Blogger I Love – Sophia Harlow


May 16th 2010

Shirt: =DeLa*= —- Vivian Purple

Vest: (NO) —- Ruffle Button Vest

Skirt: /artilleri/ —- Simplicity Pencil Skirt

Glasses: (epoque) —- Boho Shades

Necklace: !BF! —- 60′s Wired Owl

Belt: M*A*ii*K*I —- High Waisted Belt v.2

Shoes: [SC] —- Spring Fling Wedges Cherry Pop

Hair: !lamb —- Ambrosia

Skin: *DEN-DOU* —- Eiko Rich 02

Pose: (pda), ~N~

May 9th 2010

Shirt and Vest: *League* —- Teacher’s Pet

Pants: Action —- Unisex Denim Jeans

Backpack: =IZUMIYA= —- Casual Ruck Star

Lunchbag: Miau Haus —- My Lunch Happy Day

Glasses: /artilleri/ —- Gabriella Glasses

Shoes: fri. —- Dream Booties

Hair: [ 69 ] —- Moa 02

Skin: (fd) —- Bird Skin Slasher 3

Pose: Glitterati

April 5th 2010

Shirt: =FT —- Puffy Tank Top

Pants: /artilleri/ —- 1st Mate Capris

Bag: December Dollinger —- Kenziesaurus Bag

Glasses: (W) —- Horn Rimmed Glasses

Shoes: >TRUTH< —- Newtown Wedge

Hair: !lamb —- Sour

Skin: LAQ —- Elena Fair

Pose: Piffou!

Feb 27th 2010

Jacket: Emery —- Sheena County

Shirt: – Nemesis – —- Voodoo Tank

Pants: [CALYPSO GIANO] —- Stonewash Jeans

Tattoo: AITUI —- Mrs. Midnight

Glasses: (VW) (now Epoque) —- Retro Shades

Belt: /rockerwear/ —- Checkerboard Belt

Necklace: +plus —- The Vintage Black Pearl Necklace

Shoes: PRO_SPEC —- 2Real

Hair: W&Y —- Model 05

Guitar and Amp —- Punk Lives

Coat: AOHARU —- DuffelCoat Red

Shirt: Doppelganger Inc. —- Faded Tunic Grey

Overalls: *UnTone Quilt* —- Overall

Scarf: >TRUTH< —- Lygon Scarf

Flower: =FT —- Large Flower Headband

Shoes: TOSL —- Sweater Wellies

Hair: (Posh) —- Oh Darling

Dress: ~~Ivalde~~ —- Kassandra Red Dress

Glasses: /artilleri/ —- Gladys Glasses

Necklace: (Yummy) —- Portrait Necklace

Cigarette: Primitive Design

Shoes: Nardcotix —- Kurvy Pump White

Hair: CBC —- Let’s Get Married

Vacuum —- RC Cluster

October 12/13th 2009

Sweater: Barcode —– Mom Sweater

Skirt: Sh*t Happens —– Kellie Navy Wavey Cotton Skirt

Glasses: /artilleri/ —– Gabriella Glasses

Socks: Doppelganger Inc. —– Button Me Up Wetland Socks

Shoes: MIEL —– Flor Jane

Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. —– I Hate Camera

Skin: LAQ —– Imani

Pumpkins: ~Francinati0n~ —– Pumpkin Pose

Background/Set: ~La Petite Morte~ —– SE Halloween Photo Set

Costume: Reek —– Rumpus Romper

Pumpkin: Loco Pocos Trick or Treat Pumpkin

Hair: >TRUTH< —– Rebecca

Skin: LAQ —– Emma

July 11/12th 2009

Dress and hat: *JetDoll* —– Cracker Jacks

Shoes: Maitreya —– Slinky Stilettos

Hair: ETD —– Juliana

Swimsuit: Doppelganger Inc. —– Boardwalk Bikini   I instantly fell in love with these when I saw the  ruffles, they’re so cute <3 butt ruffles (thus the butt picture lol)

Glasses: /artilleri/ —– Gabriella Glasses

Shoes: AOHARU —– Ethnic Bijou Sandals

Hair: Cake —– Europa

July 5th 2009

Jacket: AOHARU —– Military Coat

Shirt: [SC] —– La Plage Tee

Shorts: /artilleri/ —– 1st Mate Capris

Glasses: (VW) —– Oversized Shades

Necklace: **~Twinkleberry~** —–Felice

Shoes: 50 Flats —– Jeweled Flats Ice

Hair: >TRUTH< —– Grazia

June 26/27th 2009

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus.  (happy dance).

SL lately just has been kind of a drag for me and I’ve had a ton of rl stuffs going on so the combination has been keeping me from blogging and my SL friends <3.  I was going to do another Hair Fair post but it’s been pretttty well covered. Anya Ohmai and Ana Lutetia have done a great job showcasing them.

Dress: /artilleri/—– Poodle Power!

Tattoo: GoK —– Ghost Geisha

Necklace: +plus —–The Vintage Black Pearl Necklace

Shoes: Maitreya —– Sassy

Hair: !lamb —–Cherry

Dress: (Posh) —– Red Polka Dot Doll hair fair freebie

Jacket: AOHARU —– Short Jean Jacket

Tattoo: GoK —– Ghost Geisha

Cigarette: Primitive Design

Shoes: Maitreya —– ChiChi

Hair: .:MADesigns Hair:. —–Chris Casual f3 – SBI hair fair

June 10/11/12th

Shirt: ::AddiCt:: —–Girly Skull Tank

Pants: :sey —–Soft Jeans

Tattoo: *EtchD* —–FL Cropped Top

Shoes: UBU —–PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops

Hair: [LK] —–Petal

Jacket: (Madsy) —–Lost Sheep Leather Jacket

Shirt: [ Cynful ] —–Neckholder

Pants: *League* —–Ripped78′s

Tattoo: GoK —–Human Code

Belt: Maitreya —–Old Leather Belt

Cigarette: Primitive Design

Shoes: :::Usagui::: —–Fringe Boots tinted

Hair: [Detour] —–Luna

Coat: =DeLa*= —–Coat “Joie”

Gloves: [ akami ] —–Low Black Gloves

Glasses: /artilleri/ —–Gabriella Glasses

Umbrella: Stitch by Stitch —–Texturechange Umbrella

Shoes: -TESLA- —–Angelina

Hair: [Zobovic] —–Krysta

May 15th 2009

Nipple Tape: JUICY —–{ X Pasties }

Pants: [CALYPSO GIANO] —–Stonewash Jeans

Tattoo: .:BAD:. —–Maori Waters

Necklace: < Yabusaka > —–Feather Pendant

Glasses: /artilleri/ —–Gabriella Glasses

Shoes: [SC] —–Freedom Flops

Hair: [GAUZE] —–Destroy

Skin: LAQ —–Tess

I would just like to give a huge huge thanks to the designers who have given out some amazing gifts for Blogger Appreciation Week.  It’s been a treat to find a few new stores that I’ll have to visit and fall even more in love with my favorites.  <3

May 11th 2009


Shirt: /artilleri/ —–Bowling Shirts

Pants: /artilleri/ —–Burnt Jeans

Tattoo: Garden of Ku —–Human Code

Necklace: Yabusaka —–Couples Pendant

Feet: SLink —–Barefeet Mens Adam

Hair: KMadd —–James

Skin: Dernier Cri —–Cole Chestnut

Eyes: Animus —–Stalker Eyes


Shirt: /artilleri/ —–Bowling Shirt

Tank: Emery —–White Tank

Skirt: [Plastik] —–Skiinah Original Inertia

Tattoo: *SL* —–Lotus

Shoes: [SC] —–Freedom Flops

Hair: ((JUNWAVE)) —–Pop’n Girl

Skin: LAQ —–Tess Fair

April 27th 2009

Shirt: /artilleri/ —–Jed Shirt

Pants: .:Addict:. —–Calf Pants

Finger Tape: SiniStyle —–Taped Fingers & Black Nails

Cigarette: Primitive Design

Tattoo: TSS —–Musical Stars 2

Shoes: Giusia —–Ginevra

Hair: !lamb —–Cherry

April 10th 2009

Dress: *Alchemy* —–Picnic

Shoes: Maitreya —–Sassy

Necklace: JUICY —–{ Heart Chain Necklace }

Hair: Artilleri —–Sabina II


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